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76 Memorandum to the African Union Peace and Security Council and the African Union Heads of State Summit 2009  
77 Press Release: The African Union High-Level Panel on Darfur (AUPD) meets stakeholders 2009  
78 Agreement between the Republic of the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan on Certain Economic Matters 2012  
79 Agreement on Trade and Trade Related Issues between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan 2012  
80 Letter from Mahmoud Kane (Amb) to Commissioner, Peace and Security, and Director, Peace and Security, Re: Update on the First Day of the South Sudan Referendum 2011  
81 Results Management and Announcement Procedures 2011  
82 Results Management and Announcement Process 2011  
83 Common Code of Conduct for the Referenda and Popular Consultations 2010  
84 Press Release 2010  
85 Prospects for Peace in Sudan 2010  
86 Synopsis Southern Sudan Referendum Act 2009 2009  
87 Prospects for Peace in Sudan: Briefing De Waal, Alexander
88 Disarming JJ De Waal, Alexander
89 Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Capstone Doctrine in Addressing UN Peacekeeping Challenges Christensen, Colin W.
90 The Fog of Peace: Comparing U.S. and UN Approaches to Conflict Management in Nepal Gross, Joshua R.
91 A Story of Communication, Power and Vision: Bringing Guatemalan Civil Society into the National Decision-Making Process Gagnon, Laurie
92 Discovering Cyprus: The effects of the Opening of the Green Line on Young Greek-Cypriots and their perception of identity Severis, Zenon
93 Agreement on the Demarcation of the Boundary 2012  
94 Memorandum of Understanding of Non-Agression and Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Sudan and the Governmen of South Sudan 2012  
95 Memorandum of Understanding on Non-aggression and Cooperation 2012  
96 Statement by the Government of the Republic of the Sudan in Recognition of the Republic of South Sudan 2011  
97 Explaining the Darfur Peace Agreement: Part 14 - The CPA, the DPA and the EPA De Waal, Alexander
98 Explaining the Darfur Peace Agreement: Part 11 - Darfurians in the Civil Service and Education De Waal, Alexander
99 South Sudan's Kiir refuses to pull out troops from Heglig 2012  
100 South Sudan's Kirr Shrugs off International Calls to Cease Hostility 2012