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1 The Invisible Enemy: Suicide Terrorism in Chechnya and Sri Lanka Manekas, Jillian P.
2 The Fog of Peace: Comparing U.S. and UN Approaches to Conflict Management in Nepal Gross, Joshua R.
3 On Our Own: Unilateralism in Israeli-Policymaking Davis, John D.
4 Branding America: An Examination of U.S. Public Diplomacy Efforts After September 11, 2001 Tiedeman, Anna K.
5 The US policy of 'No Concessions to Terrorists': What are the pros and the cons and the implications for the US? What elements of negotiation should be integrated in the US policy or strategy? Raphael, Vanessa
6 Interpreting the Enemy: A Game Theoretic Model of Conflict with Applications to the Korean and Iraq Wars Thompson, Stephen W.
7 Exporting Jihad: Iran's Use of Non-State Armed Groups O'Brien, James M.
8 Strengthening the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons Nonproliferation Regimes Jessee, Devin D.