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1 Post-Cold War Defense Contracting Consolidation: Leadership and Survival Strategies Used by Today's Largest Defense Contractors Nguyen, Laurence B.
2 Is carbon risk a determinant of corporate bond credit risk? Focus on the U.S. utilities sector. Tessier, Lisa.
3 Counterterrorism Lessons for Cybersecurity: How a Decade’s Worth of Experience Fighting Terrorism Can Provide Insights Into Mitigating the Threat of Cyber Attacks. Rosenbaum, Benjamin C.
4 Models for a Voluntary Accreditation System for Companion Animal Shelters. Pesek, Julia.
5 Two Level War Games: The Domestic Factors that Influence Presidential Decision-Making to Use Force in Minor Conflicts Nadeau, Paul J.
6 U.S. Public Diplomacy in Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects for the Future Mahmood, Sana
7 Warning of Terror: Explaining the Failure of Intelligence Against Terrorism Dahl, Erik J.
8 Evolution of the U.S.-Republic of Korea Alliance. Whyte, Leon T.
9 From Liberty to Liberation: The Theory and Practice of American Exceptionalism. Taussig, Torrey E.
10 Applying the Court Appointed Special Advocate Model to Dogs in the Legal System. Silverstein, Rebecca.
11 Mass Atrocity Prevention in the Twenty-First Century: Assessing the Risk for Violence in Burundi and Examining Options for US Government Policy. Collman, Sarah L.
12 Policy Recommendations for Mexican Consulates in the United States regarding the LGBT community Calva Ruiz, Vanessa
13 American Citizen Services: Consular Internship in Guadalajara, Mexico 2013. Spielmann, Mary Chapman.
14 Interpretive Analysis Of Stakeholder Response The U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service's Proposed Removal Experiments Of Barred Owls In The Endangered Northern Spotted Owl's Habitat Range. Wilson, Stefani, L.
15 Killing for Conversation: Petition to downlist Namibian Cheetahs under the Endangered Species Act to Allow the Importation of Sport-hunted Trophies. Miller, Crystal D.
16 Biomedical scientists' recognition and alleviation of pain and distress in laboratory rats and mice. Parkison, Valerie.