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1 The Wrong Side of the Street: Examining Urban Violence and Resilience in Managua, Nicaragua Through a Spatial Lens Gordon, Rachel H
2 Bridging The Gap: Educating decision makers about the connections between human violence and animal cruelty. Grace, Martha P.
Grande, Lorna.
3 A Lifecourse Perspective of Intimate Partner Violence in India: What Picture Does the NFHS-3 Paint? Heilman, Brian P.
4 Gender-Just Reparations: Key Elements and Approaches. McEvoy, Bretton James.
5 Rethinking Masculinities and Narratives of Wartime Sexual Violence: A Gender Analysis of Sexual Violence Against Men in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, and Iraq. Jencik, Lauren.
6 The Physical Security of Refugees in Kenyan Camps: Legal and Human Rights Implications Halperin, Liv H.
7 Exclusion and Agency in Rio De Janeiro: an Analysis of the Marginalization of Favela Residents and Their Resistance to Violence. Soltys, Gabrielle C.