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1 Victory Has Many Friends: U.S. Public Opinion and the Use of Military Force, 1981-2005. Eichenberg, Richard C., 1952-
2 The Female Impact: Gendered Effects on Congressional Behavior Over Time. Weissman, Anna S.
3 If I Get Married Will I Become a Republican?: The Impact of Age, Gender, and Marital Status on Party Identification, Policy Preference, and Voting Behavior. Morrow, Magdelena A.
4 Flip-Flopping Politicians: How Voters Punish and Reward a Changing of Opinion. Laing, Sophie B.
5 Flip-flopping Politicians: How Voters Punish and Reward a Changing of Opinion. Laing, Sophie.
6 Analyzing the American Gender Wage Gap: Why Do Different States Have Different Wage Gaps? Orloff, Reba Z.
7 Politics at the Intersection of Bilingual Education and Immigration: A Study of Newspaper Rhetoric and Framing Over Three Pivotal Periods. Kroll, Rachel.
8 Can We Account For Human Error in Supreme Court Decision-Making? The Behavioral Law and Economics View of the Court's Decision-Making in First Amendment Religion Clause Cases Celletti-Nissenbaum, Nicholas J.
9 Sustainability Policies and Economic Development in Large American Cities An honors thesis for the Department of Political Science Robert A. Joseph Tufts University. Joseph, Robert.
10 Gender Difference in American Public Opinion on the Use of Military Force: Evidence from Before and after the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, 1980-2013. Eichenberg, Richard C., 1952-
11 The Silent Minority: An Examination of Female Justices of the Supreme Court During Oral Argument. Howe, Caroline H.
12 Gender Differences in Political and Civic Engagement Among Young People. Eichenberg, Richard C., 1952-
Portney, Kent E.
Niemi, Richard G.
13 Foreign Policy in the Electoral and Governing Coalitions of Barack Obama. Eichenberg, Richard C., 1952-
14 Evaluating the Differential Effects of Descriptive Representation: A Comparative Study of Latinos and African-Americans. Solleveld, Patricia A.
15 When Gender (Sometimes) Trumps Party: Citizen Attitudes Toward Torture in the War Against Terror. Eichenberg, Richard C., 1952-
16 The Gender Gap and National Security in the United States: Dynamics and Correlates of Public Opinion on Defense Spending and the Use of Military Force. Eichenberg, Richard C., 1952-