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101 President Al Bashir Addresses the Nation 2011  
102 President Al Bashir Addresses the Nation 2011  
103 Report of the Chairperson of the Commission on the Efforts and Activities of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel on Sudan 2011  
104 Communiqué: High-Level Meeting on Sudan 2010  
105 Statement: Blue Nile Peoples' Forum 2010  
106 Sudan: Analysis and Prospects De Waal, Alexander
107 AU Press Release: The African Union Looks Forward to a Positive Outcome to the Talks between Sudan and South Sudan Resuming in Addis Ababa on 6 March 2012  
108 African Union Peace and Security Council Communique 2012  
109 Media Monitoring: AUHIP - AULOS, Sudan and Republic of South Sudan 2012  
110 Presidential Statement on Sudan and South Sudan 2012  
111 Agreement between The Government of the Republic of Sudan and The Government of South Sudan on Border Security and the Joint Political and Security Mechanism 2011  
112 Framework Agreement concerning Transitional Viability Arrangements, Oil and other Related Issues 2011  
113 Heglig: The Escalation that Dictated New Conditions 2012  
114 UNSC Agenda: Reports of the Secretary-General on the Sudan 2010  
115 Cross Border Relations Beyond the Referendum Coexistence and Sustainable Peace 2010  
116 GoSS Priority Core Governance Fuctnions: An Action Plan for Rapidly Building Capacity 2010  
117 Media Monitoring: AUHIP - AULOS, Sudan and Republic of South Sudan 2012  
118 Statement by the President of the Security Council 2011  
119 Statement of the Chairperson of the AUHIP 2010  
120 Negotiations Between the Two Sudans: Where They Have Been, Where They Are Going 2011  
121 Presidential Statement on the Current Crisis 2012  
122 Press Release: South Sudan expedites transition to non-oil revenue, aims for 300% increase in 6 months 2012  
123 Resolution 1996 (2011) 2011  
124 A Bill to promote peace, stability, improved governance, and economic development in Southern Sudan and Darfur, and for other purposes 2010  
125 In Sudan's Nuba Mountains, rebels roll up string of victories Boswell, Alan