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1 Report of the Chairperson of the Commission on the Status of Implementation of the Peace and Security Council Communique PSC/MIN/COMM/3./CCCXIX of 24 April 2012 on the Situation between Sudan and South Sudan 2012  
2 Communique of the 327th Meeting of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union 2012  
3 Press Release: African Union High-Level Implementation Panel on Sudan Concludes a Two-Day Meeting between Sudan and South Sudan on Outstanding Issues between the Two States 2011  
4 Luka Biong Deng on the CPA and Roadmap Bion Deng, Luka
5 South Sudan Rejects Proposed Oil Deal Manson, Katrina
Wallis, William
  • South Sudan Rejects Proposed Oil Deal
6 Press Release: Government of Sudan Poisons Neogtiation Atmosphere in Addis by Stealing 1.4 million Barrels of South Sudan Oil Just Days Before 2012  
7 Press Release: The President of South Sudan Instructs Oil Partners to Prepare a Shut Down Plan 2012  
8 Press Statement: By the Negotiation team of the GoS with regards to the Press Release by the delegation of the GoRSS 2012  
9 Statement by H.E. Salva Kiir, President of the Republic of South Sudan to the National Legislature on the Current Oil Crisis 2012  
10 Heglig: The Escalation that Dictated New Conditions 2012  
11 Media Monitoring: AUHIP - AULOS, Sudan and Republic of South Sudan 2012  
12 Negotiations Between the Two Sudans: Where They Have Been, Where They Are Going 2011  
13 The Khartoum-SPLM Agreement: Sudan's Uncertain Peace 2005