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1 Aquaculture and Horticulture Programs: Impacts of Single vs. Multiple Interventions in Bangladesh. Webb, Patrick.
2 Anemia in women of reproductive age, household food insecurity, food consumption and household food production practices in southwestern Bangladesh. Gurung, Sabi.
3 Cooking Contests for Healthier Recipes: Impacts on Nutrition Knowledge and Behaviours in Bangladesh. Kramer, Berber.
4 The Rana Plaza Tragedy: A Game Changer, or Business as Usual for Bangladesh? An analysis of manufacturer perception of labor regulations Manzur, Samira
5 Prevalance of aflatoxin in mothers and young children in Nepal and Bangladesh: Implications for Assessment and Public Health. Groopman, John D.
6 Aflatoxin Exposure during the First 1000 Days of Life in Rural South Asia Assessed by Aflatoxin-Lysine Albumin Biomarkers. West, Keith.
7 Disguises of Shiva: Nationalism and Folk Culture in the Bengal Borderland since 1905. De, Aniket.