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1 Patient-Level Predictors of Premature Termination in Cognitive Processing Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder at a Diverse Community Health Center. Robles-Gil, Claudia F.
2 Justification for Community Medicine and Low-Price Veterinary Clinics in Underserved Areas. Lavallee, Elizabeth.
3 Strengthening the Sense of Place - Strategies for Well-Being in the Arlington Neighborhood. Antin, Elizabeth.
Muter, Mary (Ellie)
Stelljes, Kristen.
Zborel, Tammy.
4 Growth & Health of Rural Children in 3 Districts of Nepal: Effect of a Community Development Intervention over 48 Months. Joshi, Neena.
5 The Local as Client: Educational Decentralization and Partnership in Nicaragua Roland, Eric S.
6 Community development and livestock promotion in rural Nepal:effect on child health and growth. Joshi, Mahesh Prasad.
7 Implementation of a Wireless Sensor on the Dowling Hall Footbridge for Structural Health Monitoring. Lee, Cynthia T.