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1 Identifying Psychobiological Mechanisms that Predict Depression in High-Risk Adolescents Bondy, Erin M.
2 The Relation Between Home Visiting Program Enrollment and Adolescent Mothers’ Depression: How it Differs Based on Mothers’ Past and Present Social-Emotional Experiences. Morton, Emily.
3 Mentoring during adolescence. Johnson, Sara K.
Britner, P. A.
4 Controlling the Present, Reframing the Future: Chronic Illness, Adolescent Art, and an Integrated Approach to Therapy. Newman, Chelsea D.
5 Intentional-self regulation and identity processes in adolescence: Perspectives on research and application. Johnson, Sara K.
Lerner, Richard M.
6 Emerging adults’ identity exploration: Illustrations from inside the ‘camp bubble. Johnson, Sara K.
Goldman, J. A.
Garey, A. I.
Britner, P. A.
Weaver, S. E.
7 The Effects of Age and Pubertal Changes on Cognitive Appraisal Biases in Youth with Social Anxiety Disorder Zhou, Anna M.
8 Promoting healthy lifestyles through youth activity participation: Lessons from research on the developmental impacts of movement-based programs. Johnson, Sara K.
Agans, J. P.
Champine, R. B.
Erickson, K.
Yalin, C.
9 Review of: It’s just easier not to go to school: Adolescent girls and disengagement from middle school. Johnson, Sara K.
Garey, A.