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1 They Were Just Thrown Away, and Now the World is Spoiled Proctor, Keith
2 Communique of the 207th Meeting of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union 2009  
3 Prospects for Peace in Sudan: Briefing De Waal, Alexander
4 From Aspiration To Obligation: The Evolving Right to Education in International Law Leighton, Seth M.
5 Targeting of Opposition-affiliated Journalists and Censorship of 30 January Demonstrations Continues 2011  
6 NEC Inconsistencies and Suppression Persist on the Third Day of Voting 2010  
7 Observer Missions Must stop Lending their Credibility to Sudan Elections 2010  
8 State Responsibility for Global Climate Change: The Case of the Maldives Davis, Joy-Dee Samantha
9 Rights, Responsibilities and Returns on Investments: Mapping the Negotiation for an International Treaty on Business and Human Rights. Birss, Moira.
10 The Responsibility to Protect: Issues of Legal Formulation and Practical Application Kantareva, Silva D.
11 The Transnational Crime of Human Trafficking: Positing the Anti-Trafficking Framework on Human Rights Ling, Bonny
12 Agreement on Free Movement and the Rights of Residence, Economic Activity and Ownership of Property for Citizens of the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan beween the Government of the Republic of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement 2011  
13 Political Research Associates Records Digital Collections and Archives
14 ACJPS Denounces Flawed Elections Process and Urges Postponement 2010  
15 Fourth Day of Voting is Accompanied by Violence, Intimidation, and Irregularities 2010  
16 Sudan Elections: The Theatre of the Absurd and the Tomb of Democratization 2010  
17 Sudan's rigged elections: the post election implications on Sudan's stability 2010  
18 Submission to Africa Union High Level Panel on Darfur African Mechanisms to Address International Crimes in Darfur 2009  
19 Agenda Humanitaire a l'Horizon 2015: Principes, Pouvoir et Perceptions GRIP
Feinstein International Center
20 Humanitarian Agenda 2015 (HA 2015)-A Summary Donini, Antonio
21 Humanitarian Agenda 2015 (HA 2015)-A Summary; Arabic translation Donini, Antonio
22 Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Afghanistan Country Study Donini, Antonio
23 Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Burundi and Liberia Country Studies Zeebroek, Xavier
24 Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Colombia Country Study Minear, Larry
25 Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Northern Uganda Country Study Stites, Elizabeth