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1 The Impacts of Healthcare Reform on Access to Care and Health Behaviors in Low-Income Individuals: Evidence From Massachusetts. Meiselbach, Mark.
2 Patient-Level Predictors of Premature Termination in Cognitive Processing Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder at a Diverse Community Health Center. Robles-Gil, Claudia F.
3 Justification for Community Medicine and Low-Price Veterinary Clinics in Underserved Areas. Lavallee, Elizabeth.
4 Boston Floating Hospital Records Digital Collections and Archives
5 Linking Antenatal and Postnatal Care, Maternal Health Knowledge, and Behavior Among Women in the Policy for Science, Health and Nutrition (PoSHAN) Community Studies in Nepal. Dorsey, Jamie L.
6 Does Utilizing Immediate Crisis Intervention Tools Post Critical Incident Mitigate Short-Term Distress and or Long-Term Negative Psychological Impact on Responders in Complex Emergencies? Gould, Rose B.