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1 Fundamentalist Metamorphosis: Hezbollah's Evolution from Ideological Ideals to Pragmatic Practices Al-Aloosy, Massaab.
2 Dr. Tim Harper, Singapore 1915 and the Birth of the Asian Underground Harper, T. N. (Timothy Norman), 1965-
3 Jonathan Spencer, Peeling the Onion of Conflict: Muslims (and Catholics and Buddhists and Others) in the Sri Lankan Civil War 2012  
4 Nile Green, An Economy of Enchantment: Markets for Islam in an Industrializing Ocean 2012  
5 Robert Travers, The Connected World of Haji Mustapha: an informer to the British in eighteenth century Bengal Travers, Robert, 1972-
6 Sana Aiyar, Trade and Politics in a Diasporic Milieu: Colonial Kenya's South Asians Aiyar, Sana
7 William Dalrymple, Return of a King: Shah Shuja and the First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-42 Dalrymple, William
8 Enseng Ho, Burial and Travel: Islam across Indian Ocean Cultures 2011  
9 Partha Chatterjee, Early Modern Absolutism in 18th Century India 2011  
10 Seema Alavi, Mughal Decline and the emergence of new global connections in early modern India 2011  
11 Dangerous Dissonance: Armed Groups that Violate Women's Rights, and the Women Who Support Them. Principe, Marie A.
12 The Sum of All Wisdom Khan, Muhammad Zafrulla