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1 Engaging the City. Golding, Eliana
Healy, Mariah
Pierre-Louis, Ashley.
Young, Carol Ann L.
2 Land and livelihood strategies to improve nutrition in rural India: a mixed methods study. S, Krishnan.
H, Harris-Fry.
A, Prost.
S, Rath.
E, Allen.
S, Gouda.
S, Mohanty.
S, Pradhan.
NK, Mishra.
R, Pradhan.
S, Kadiyala.
3 Davis Square Hotel Feasibility Study. Norod, Tyler
Rosen, Alyssa
Holm, Brett
Greaves, Kyle.
Frank, Adam.
4 The Middlesex Fells Reservation: The Case for a Resource Management and Maintenance Plan. Bittermann, Vanessa.
Christenberry, Ryan.
Sylver, Sean.
Yenco, Abby.
5 Destination: Roslindale Village: A Roadmap for a Vibrant Village. Gregoire, Monica.
Kane, Sean Peter.
Moser, Sarah.
Shakro, Melissa.
Walker, Erica.
6 From Factories to Fresh Food - Planning for Urban Agriculture in Somerville. Bickerdike, Carl.
DiLisio, Christina.
Haskin, Julia.
McCullagh, Molly.
Pierce-Quinonez, Marisol.
7 Beyond Gentrification: Revitalizing Downtown Chelsea. Dechambeau, Brian.
Leavitt, Silas.
Gecim, Deniz.
8 Re-imagining The Everett Commercial Triangle. Burtoff, Annie.
Taylor, John.
Tu, Jingyu.
Ren, Yifei.
9 Urban Farming in Boston: A Survey of Opportunities. Chin, Denise.
Infahsaeng, Tida.
Jakus, Ian.
Oorthuys, Valerie.
10 Dorchester Coast Greenway Master Plan. Davé, Ronak.
Guo, Renee.
Kim, Christina
Partridge, Jessie.
11 Space vs. Place: Economic Vitality and Historic Preservation Meet at Grove Street. Torres, Ana.
Steadman, Jesse-Nathan.
Feierabend, Kristin.
Li, Zhi.
12 Access to the Green Economy through Anaerobic Digestion: A Siting Study. Aiu, Imaikalani.
Bahirwani, Suveer.
Farnham, Abby.
Parisi, Anthony.
13 Biofuels and its Implications on Food Security, Climate Change, and Energy Security: A Case Study of Nepal Pradhan, Shailee
14 Inadequate Institutions and Inefficient Outcomes in Mexico's Sugar Industry Scaife, Katherine M.
15 The Community Preservation Act: Funding Impacts and Community Values - A 10th Anniversary Study. Panella, Elizabeth
Martinez, Maritza.
Funiciello, Mona.
Kokinda, Ellen.
Limbach, Diana.
16 Doing More by Doing Less: A High-Value Action Plan for Implementing Sustainable Flood Control. Chou, Ching-Yu.
Downing, Benjamin.
Greeley, Jonathan.
Hayden, Elizabeth.
17 Developing Affordable Housing Along Somerville's Rail Corridors. Anderson, Gary.
Beraldi, Thomas.
Heffern, Emma.
Lipomi, Natalie.
18 Greening Somerville. Lechuga, Anthony
Lynch, Lauren
Ron, Sharon
Schwartz, Brooke
Smith, Cecilia
Sub, Gabriel.
19 Strengthening the Sense of Place - Strategies for Well-Being in the Arlington Neighborhood. Antin, Elizabeth.
Muter, Mary (Ellie)
Stelljes, Kristen.
Zborel, Tammy.
20 Macroeconomic Policy Framework for Reducing Deforestation: A Sri Lankan Case Study White, Robin G.
21 Alliance for Progress or Alianza Para El Progreso? A Reassessment of the Latin American Contribution to the Alliance for Progress Porzecanski, Roberto