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1 Constitution-Making and Immutable Principles Brooke, Sam
2 To Make Unity Attractive: A Framework for State- and Power-Structures and Electoral Systems in the Sudan's Post-Conflict Transition Schuepp, Martin
3 Decentralization and Human Security in Kosovo: Prospects of Local Government Reform for Promoting Democracy, Development, and Conflict Mitigation Burke, Shannon
4 Toward a More Sustainable Democracy: Public Participation in Justice Sector Reform Mcilvain, Ashley
5 Drafting a New Consensus on Conscription: Germany Debates the Future of Compulsory Military Service Interrante, Charles Michael
6 A Bill to promote peace, stability, improved governance, and economic development in Southern Sudan and Darfur, and for other purposes 2010  
7 Legal reform and economic development in Vietnam and China: a comparative analysis Day, Adam C