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1 The National Security Act 2009 2009  
2 The Interwar Foundations of Security Studies: Edward Mead Earle, the Carnegie Corporation and the Depression-Era Origins of a Field. Ekbladh, David, 1972-
3 Present at the Creation: Edward Mead Earle and the Depression-Era Origins of Security Studies. Ekbladh, David, 1972-
4 Afghanistan, Education and the Formation of the Taliban Nolan, Leigh E.
5 U.S. Failures in the Pearl Harbor Attack: Lessons for Intelligence Kobayashi, Masahiko
6 Disaggregating the Displaced: The Influence of Refugee Contexts and Origins on Militarization and State Security Allen, Stephen A.
7 Crisis Management at the Tip of the Spear Rupp, Joseph E.
8 Reducing Refugee Rights? A comparative analysis of shifting refugee policy and practice in Mozambique and Guinea Mecagni, Anna Lucia
9 Women, War, and World Order: Gender Difference in Security Attitudes in Europe and the United States, 2002-2011. Eichenberg, Richard C., 1952-
10 Integrating time-series visualizations within parallel coordinates for exploratory analysis of incident databases. Butkiewicz, Michael.
Butkiewicz, Thomas.
Ribarsky, William.
Chang, Remco.
11 Drafting a New Consensus on Conscription: Germany Debates the Future of Compulsory Military Service Interrante, Charles Michael
12 Interpreting the Enemy: A Game Theoretic Model of Conflict with Applications to the Korean and Iraq Wars Thompson, Stephen W.
13 Alliance for Progress or Alianza Para El Progreso? A Reassessment of the Latin American Contribution to the Alliance for Progress Porzecanski, Roberto
14 Revealed Preferences in US Bilateral Aid, 1960-2000 Mazzotta, Ben
15 Warning of Terror: Explaining the Failure of Intelligence Against Terrorism Dahl, Erik J.
16 Exporting Jihad: Iran's Use of Non-State Armed Groups O'Brien, James M.
17 '10+3' Mechanism and its Development: A Comparative Analysis with the EU Experience Wang, Genhua
18 Strengthening the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons Nonproliferation Regimes Jessee, Devin D.
19 The Comprehensive Peace Agreement Between the Government of the Republic of the Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Sudan People's Liberation Army 2005