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1 Synthetic and nature-derived lipid nanoparticles for neural regeneration. Takeda, Yuji S.
Xu, Qiaobing.
2 Complementary Effects of Two Growth Factors in Multifunctionalized Silk Nanofibers for Nerve Reconstruction. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Dinis, Tony M.
Vidal, Guillaume.
Jose, Rodrigo R.
Vigneron, Pascale.
Fitzpatrick, Vincent.
Marin, Frédéric.
Egles, Christophe.
3 Endogenous Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence Imaging Characterizes Neuron and Astrocyte Metabolic Responses to Manganese Toxicity. Stuntz, Emily.
Gong, Yusi.
Sood, Disha.
Liaudanskaya, Volha.
Pouli, Dimitra.
Quinn, Kyle P.
Alonzo, Carlo Amadeo.
Liu, Zhiyi.
Kaplan, David, 1953-
Georgakoudi, Irene.