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1 A view of the constitution of the British colonies in North-America and the West Indies, at the time the civil war broke out on the continent of America, in which notice is taken of such altercations as have happened since that time, down to the present period, with a variety of colony precedents, which are chiefly adapted to the British West India Islands, and my be useful to those, which have any intercourse with the colonies / by Anthony Stokes, of the Inner Temple, London; Barrister at Law; His Majesty's Chief Justice of Georgia. Stokes, Anthony, 1736-1799.
2 A Long View of the Short Run: An Address Wriston, Walter B.
3 Newton's Law and Homing Instinct or The Fish are Eating Too Much Wriston, Walter B.
4 Testimony of Walter B. Wriston before the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representative Wriston, Walter B.
5 The Consent of the Governed--Add Your Own Two Cents Worth Wriston, Walter B.
6 Debs : his life, writings and speeches : with a department of appreciations. Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926.
7 Nature's garden; an aid to knowledge of our wild flowers and their insect visitors; with colored plates and many other illustrations photographed directly from nature by Henry Troth and A.R. Dugmore. Text by Neltje Blanchan [pseud.] ... Blanchan, Neltje, 1865-1918.
8 "We Join to be Challenged, We Don't Join to be Victims": Mapping Experiences of Women in the U.S. Military. Goldstein, Andrea N.
9 US-Sudan Relations Address to the Michael Ansari Center of the Atlantic Council 2012  
10 The Ultimate Loophole-Spend Your Own Money: An Address Wriston, Walter B.
11 The Ultimate Loophole—Spend Your Own Money: An Address Wriston, Walter B.
12 The Whale Oil, Chicken, and Energy Syndrome Wriston, Walter B.
13 You Push the First valve Down Wriston, Walter B.
14 Victory Has Many Friends: U.S. Public Opinion and the Use of Military Force, 1981-2005. Eichenberg, Richard C., 1952-
15 You call this debt reduction? Wriston, Walter B.
16 On track with the deficit Wriston, Walter B.
17 Democracy, dollars and dialectic Wriston, Walter B.
18 Medicare, U.S. budget in brief Tufts University
  • Medicare, U.S. budget in brief
19 Repressing economic news Wriston, Walter B.
20 American meat and its influence upon the public health / by Albert Leffingwell. Leffingwell, Albert, 1845-1916.
21 Gray's new manual of botany, a handbook of the flowering plants and ferns of the central and northeastern United States and adjacent Canada, rearranged and extensively revised by Benjamin Lincoln Robinson ... and Merritt Lyndon Fernald ... Gray, Asa, 1810-1888.
22 Andrew Johnson 1865
  • Andrew Johnson
23 The Female Impact: Gendered Effects on Congressional Behavior Over Time. Weissman, Anna S.
24 Ethnic Neighborhoods and Naturalization in the United States. Baba, Manasvini.
25 Post-Cold War Defense Contracting Consolidation: Leadership and Survival Strategies Used by Today's Largest Defense Contractors Nguyen, Laurence B.