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1 They Were Just Thrown Away, and Now the World is Spoiled Proctor, Keith
2 The Wrong Side of the Street: Examining Urban Violence and Resilience in Managua, Nicaragua Through a Spatial Lens Gordon, Rachel H
3 Bridging The Gap: Educating decision makers about the connections between human violence and animal cruelty. Grace, Martha P.
Grande, Lorna.
4 Psychological Outcomes for Participants in Groups for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Liu, Sabrina Ruixia
5 Press Release: The Commission of the African Union Expresses Grave Concern over the Situation in Abyei 2011  
6 The Strategic Choice of Violence in Islamist Groups Sharifi, Arian M.
7 GABA mediated aggression in female mice. Bicakci, Matthew.
Lauze, Meghan.
Newman, Emily.
Miczek, Klaus.
DeBold, Joseph.
8 To Spank or Not to Spank: The Academic Implications of Power Assertive Discipline. Kercheval, Jacquelyn B.
9 A Bird with One Broken Wing: The Security of Women and States Sawwan, Jennine O.
10 Youth Gun Violence in Chicago with a Case Study of the Englewood Neighborhood. Ehrmann, Emily S.
11 A Lifecourse Perspective of Intimate Partner Violence in India: What Picture Does the NFHS-3 Paint? Heilman, Brian P.
12 African Union High-Level Implementation Panel on Sudan Plan of Action 2010  
13 Fourth Day of Voting is Accompanied by Violence, Intimidation, and Irregularities 2010  
14 Statement by Professor Ibrahim A Gambari Joint Special Representative of UNAMID to the United Nations Security Council 2010  
15 The queen's glorious speech. General Haynau. The poachers. The miller's ditty. The heart that can feel for another. Rosin the beau. Broken hearted gardener. Unknown
  • The queen's glorious speech. General Haynau. The poachers. The miller's ditty. The heart that can feel for another. Rosin the beau. Broken hearted gardener.
16 Scoial support modifies the bidirectional linkages between food insercutiy and prenatal depresseive symptoms while domestic violence alters the unidirectional impact of food insecurity on prenatal depressive symptoms. Natamba, Barnabas.
17 Gender-Just Reparations: Key Elements and Approaches. McEvoy, Bretton James.
18 Transforming Exchanges in Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde. Schoen, Jenna A.
19 Political and Security Update - South & West Darfur 2010  
20 Sudanese Church Position Paper on the Current Political Situation, the Referenda and Popular Consultations in 2011 and Beyond 2010  
21 An At-A-Glance Guide to the Genocides of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Catsiapis, Theodosia.
Hamilton-Fairley, Eliza M.
Lazo-Rivera, Pedro A.
Macdonald, Tara.
Olsen, Chloe.
Sattar, Uzair
Venkataraman, Nicole K.
Donahoe, Amanda E.
22 Rethinking Masculinities and Narratives of Wartime Sexual Violence: A Gender Analysis of Sexual Violence Against Men in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, and Iraq. Jencik, Lauren.
23 UNSC Agenda: Reports of the Secretary-General on the Sudan 2010  
24 Briefing: Darfur De Waal, Alexander
25 The Physical Security of Refugees in Kenyan Camps: Legal and Human Rights Implications Halperin, Liv H.