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1 The Plasma Proteome: A New Potential Approach for Assessing Multiple Micronutrient Deficiencies. West, Keith.
2 Underlying Vitamin A Status Affects the Association between Dark Green Leafy Vegetable Intake and Serum Retinol and β-Carotene Concetrations among Pregnant Women in Nepal. Dorsey, JL.
3 Dried blood spots for aflatoxin B1 assessment in a field study with pregnant women. Andrews Trevino, Johanna.
Webb, Patrick.
Liang, Lichen.
Shrestha, Robin.
Pokharel, Ashish.
Paudel, M.
Acharya, S.
Lamichhane, Ashish.
Shively, Gerald.
Paudel, K.
Baral, Kedar.
Kathy, Xue.
Wang, JS.
Ghosh, Shibani.
4 Education and micronutrient deficiencies: an ecological study exploring interactions between women's schooling and children's micronutrient status. Harding , Kassandra L.
Aguayo, Victor M.
Masters, William A.
Webb, Patrick.