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1 Young adult attitudes about global climate change: Studying youth commitment to resolving societal problems Grenier, Sylvie D.
2 Contentment in the End Spender, Percy
3 A Straight Wall Is Hard to Build Crandall, Lou R.
4 This I Believe Hubben, William
5 This I Believe Bee, Clair
6 This I Believe Kohn, Lucile
7 The Human Equation Cobbs, Susan Parker
8 This I Believe Lester, John A. (John Ashby)
9 This I Believe Weiman, Elton Ewart "Tad"
10 This I Believe Almy, Doris E.
11 This I Believe Nelson, Edith L.
12 This I Believe Benesch, Alfred A. (Alfred Abraham)
13 This I Believe McEwen, Robert Ward
14 Entrepreneurship in young adults: Initial findings from the Young Entrepreneurs Study. Johnson, Sara K.
Geldhof, G. J.
Malin, H.
Porter, T.
Bronk, K. C.
Weiner, M. B.
Agans, J. P.
Mueller, M. K.
Colby, A. C.
Lerner, Richard M.
Damon, W. D.