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1 Dr. Tim Harper, Singapore 1915 and the Birth of the Asian Underground Harper, T. N. (Timothy Norman), 1965-
2 Willem van Schendel, Chittagong in Four Scenes: Spatial Moments at the Indian Ocean's Edge (1600-2010s) 2013  
3 Jonathan Spencer, Peeling the Onion of Conflict: Muslims (and Catholics and Buddhists and Others) in the Sri Lankan Civil War 2012  
4 Nile Green, An Economy of Enchantment: Markets for Islam in an Industrializing Ocean 2012  
5 Robert Kaplan in discussion with Sugata Bose Kaplan, Robert D., 1952-
Bose, Sugata
Manjapra, Kris
6 Robert Travers, The Connected World of Haji Mustapha: an informer to the British in eighteenth century Bengal Travers, Robert, 1972-
7 Sana Aiyar, Trade and Politics in a Diasporic Milieu: Colonial Kenya's South Asians Aiyar, Sana
8 William Dalrymple, Return of a King: Shah Shuja and the First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-42 Dalrymple, William
9 Enseng Ho, Burial and Travel: Islam across Indian Ocean Cultures 2011  
10 Eric Tagliacozzo, Hajj in the Time of Cholera: Pilgrim Ships and Contagion from Southeast Asia to the Red Sea 2011  
11 Partha Chatterjee, Early Modern Absolutism in 18th Century India 2011  
12 Seema Alavi, Mughal Decline and the emergence of new global connections in early modern India 2011  
13 Sunil Amrith, Islam in the Bay of Bengal: Between Tamil and Malay Worlds 2011