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1 A Cycle of State-Building: The Process of Growth in the Yishuv During the Fifth Aliyah. Lloyd-Thomas, Sophia C.
2 An open software platform for the automated design of paper-based microfluidic devices. Mace, Charles R.
DeChiara, Nicholas S.
Wilson, Daniel J.
3 Jazz Funerals: Death’s Lessons on Leading an Ethical Life in Black New Orleans. Okun, Julia I.
4 Leprosy in Northeastern Brazil: An Analysis of Populations and Interventions. Jenkins, Nola.
Kissinger, Nancy.
Lubeck-Schricker, Maya.
5 Mapping the Chaos: Building a Research Practice with Threshold Concepts in Studio Art Disciplines. Peterson, Ashley.
6 Of pedagogy and potentiality: Embodied learning and collaborative storytelling through pop-up exhibits. Settoducato, Elizabeth.
7 Skewed SySTEM: The Double Bind for Women of Color in STEM. Xian, Belinda B.
8 The Practicality of Trap-Neuter-Release Programs in China. Wang, Xinyue.
9 Limited data problems for the generalized Radon transform in R^n. Quinto, Eric Todd.
Frikel, Jürgen.
10 A mixed-methods approach to understanding water use and water infrastructure in a schistosomiasis-endemic community: case study of Asamama, Ghana Kosinski, Karen Claire.
11 Adolescents’ character role models: Exploring who young people look up to as examples of how to be a good person Johnson, Sara K.
Buckingham, M. H.
Morris, S.
Suzuki, S.
Aymong, C. C.
Weiner, M. B.
Hershberg, R. M.
Fremont, E.
Batanova, M.
Bowers, E. P.
Lerner, J. V.
Lerner, Richard M.
12 Bruxaria Without the Sabbath in Portugal. Pearl Schwartz, Samuel R.
13 Detectable Singularities from Dynamic Radon Data. Quinto, Eric Todd.
Hahn, Bernadette.
14 Entrepreneurial career choice and characteristics of engineering and business students. Johnson, Sara K.
15 Exploiting the Terahertz Band for Radionavigation. Parker, John S.
Mickelson, Pascal
Yeak, Jeremy
Kremeyer, Kevin
Rife, Jason
16 Foreign Media's Exaggeration of the Wukan Incident. Li, Cheng.
17 Observation Hive Marking Apparatus (OHMA): an inexpensive method for mass-marking honey bees in observation hives. Bonoan, Rachael E.
Philip T. Starks
18 Perceptions of character development at a trade college: Triangulating student, alumni, administrator, and teacher perspectives. Johnson, Sara K.
Hershberg, Richard M.
Rubin, R. O.
Callina, K. S.
Lerner, R. M.
19 Recognizing Dignity: Young Black Men Growing Up in an Era of Surveillance Oeur, Freeden
20 Salt foraging of stingless bees at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica. Bonoan, Rachael E.
Nicholas N. Dorian
21 Seasonality of salt foraging in honey bees (Apis mellifera). Bonoan, Rachael E.
Tai, Taylor M.
Rodriguez, Marlen Tagle.
Feler, Laine.
Daddario, Salvatore R.
Czaja, Rebecca A.
O'Connor, Luke D.
Burruss, Georgianna
Philip T. Starks
22 Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Religious Studies Scholars at Tufts. Strauber, Chris.
23 The Business of Love: Superficiality and False Intimacy in Online Dating Sites. Llamas Rodriguez, Josue.
24 The Impact of Uterine Fibroids on African American Women’s Quality of Life. Greenfield, Jesse R.
25 Toward Accessible Course Content: Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries and Information Systems. Fenlon, Katrina
Wood, Laura C.
Downie, J. Stephen
Han, Ruohua
Kinnaman, Alex O.