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1 A Tunable Silk Hydrogel Device for Studying Limb Regeneration in Adult Xenopus Laevis. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Golding, Anne.
Guay, Justin A.
Herrera-Rincon, Celia.
Levin, Michael.
2 Bioelectric modulation of macrophage polarization. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Li, Chunmei.
Levin, Michael.
3 Comparison of the depolarization response of human mesenchymal stem cells from different donors. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Sundelacruz, Sarah.
Levin, Michael.
4 Membrane potential depolarization causes alterations in neuron arrangement and connectivity in cocultures. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Özkucur, Nurdan.
Quinn, Kyle P.
Pang, Jin C.
Du, Chuang.
Georgakoudi, Irene.
Miller, Eric L.
Levin, Michael.