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1 3D Functional Corneal Stromal Tissue Equivalent Based on Corneal Stromal Stem Cells and Multi-Layered Silk Film Architecture. Ghezzi, Chiara E.
Marelli, Benedetto.
Omenetto, Fiorenzo G.
Funderburgh, James L.
Kaplan, David, 1953-
2 Aqueous-Based Coaxial Electrospinning of Genetically Engineered Silk Elastin Core-Shell Nanofibers. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Zhu, Jingxin.
Huang, Wenwen.
Zhang, Qiang.
Ling, Shengjie.
Chen, Ying.
3 Spider Silk-CBD-Cellulose Nanocrystal Composites: Mechanism of Assembly. Meirovitch, Sigal.
Shtein, Zvi.
Ben-Shalom, Tal.
Lapidot, Shaul.
Tamburu, Carmen.
Hu, Xiao.
Kluge, Jonathan A.
Raviv, Uri.
Kaplan, David, 1953-
Shoseyov, Oded.
4 Carbonization of a stable β-sheet-rich silk protein into a pseudographitic pyroprotein. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Cho, Se Youn.
Yun, Young Soo.
Lee, Sungho.
Jang, Dawon.
Park, Kyu-Young.
Kim, Jae Kyung.
Kim, Byung Hoon.
Kang, Kisuk.
Jin, Hyoung-Joon.
5 Developing an in vitro cardiac infarct model for cell therapy. Greaney, Allison M.
6 Complementary Effects of Two Growth Factors in Multifunctionalized Silk Nanofibers for Nerve Reconstruction. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Dinis, Tony M.
Vidal, Guillaume.
Jose, Rodrigo R.
Vigneron, Pascale.
Fitzpatrick, Vincent.
Marin, Frédéric.
Egles, Christophe.
7 Porous Silk Scaffolds for Delivery of Growth Factors and Stem Cells to Enhance Bone Regeneration. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Zhang, Wenjie.
Zhu, Chao.
Ye, Dongxia.
Xu, Ling.
Zhang, Xiaochen.
Wu, Qianju.
Zhang, Xiuli.
Jiang, Xinquan.
8 Evaluation of Silk Biomaterials in Combination with Extracellular Matrix Coatings for Bladder Tissue Engineering with Primary and Pluripotent Cells. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Franck, Debra.
Gil, Eun Seok.
Adam, Rosalind M.
Chung, Yeun Goo.
Estrada Jr., Carlos R.
Mauney, Joshua R.
9 Recombinant DNA production of spider silk proteins. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Tokareva, Olena.
Michalczechen-Lacerda, Valquíria A.
Rech, Elíbio L.
10 Stability of Silk and Collagen Protein Materials in Space. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Hu, Xiao.
Raja, Waseem K.
An, Bo.
Tokareva, Olena.
Cebe, Peggy.
11 Single Honeybee Silk Protein Mimics Properties of Multi-Protein Silk. Kaplan, David, 1953-
Sutherland, Tara D.
Church, Jeffrey S.
Hu, Xiao.
Huson, Mickey G.
Weisman, Sarah.