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1 Book Review Shawcross, William
Lang, James
Brown, J.F.
Elagab, Omer Yousif
Bill, James
Stevenson, Robert L.
Wu, Yuan-li
Michael, Franz
Cooper, John F.
Lee, Ta-ling
Chang, Maris Hsia
Gregor, A. James
Brands, Jr., H.W.
Lake, David A.
Farouk-Sluglett, Marion
Sluglett, Peter
Rostow, William W.
Cimbala, Steven J.
Curtis, Gerard L.
Rodman, Kenneth A.
Bertsch, Gary K.
Billings-Yun, Melanie
Lauren, Paul Gordon
Evangelista, Matthew
Bagley, Bruce M.
2 Book Review Schoenbaum. Thomas J.
Strange, Susan
Theweleit, Klaus
Skidmore, Thomas E.
Ogden, Susanne
Tismaneanu, Vladimir
Wilson, Heather
Rosenstone, Robert A.
Hamilton, Nora
Friedden, Jeffrey A.
Fuller, Linda
Pastor, Manuel
Medland, William J.
Roberts, Adam
Kingsbury, Benedict
McDermott, Anthony
Harrison, Bennett
Bluestone, Barry
Jenkins, Peter
George, Alexander L.
Farley, Philip J.
Dallin, Alexander
Prestowitz Jr., Clyde V.
Moser, Caroline O.N.
Peake, Linda
Schoenbaum. Thomas J.
Strange, Susan
Finkelstein, Lawrence
Ries, Tomas
Paterson, Thomas G.
Cioc, Mark
3 Books received 1989  
4 Books received 1989  
5 Can America Police the World? Rubin, Alfred P.
6 Controlling Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Waste: The Evolution of a Global Convention Rublack, Susanne
7 Cultural Obstacles to Progress in the Third World - And at Home. Harrison, Lawrence E.
8 Culture and Development: Veiled Apologetic or an Effort at Social Reconstruction of Economic and Political Change? Gendzier, Irene
9 Development in Africa: A Cultural Perspective Skinner, Elliott P.
10 Diplomacy of Accommodation: Changes in the Middle East Abd al-Karim, Ibrahim
11 Going it Alone? The Course of American Diplomacy Galbraith, Peter
Johnson, Captain William Spencer
Manger, Walter
Rieffel, Alexis
12 Gray Market Controversies: The 1980s and Beyond Lipner, Seth E.
13 Guatemalan Refugees in Mexico: International Legal Standards Olguin, Fernando M.
14 Korean Reunification Lee, Charles F.
15 Managing the Media Geyelin, Philip
16 Matching US Security Interests and Capabilities in the 1990s: Challenges for President Bush Dujomovic, Nicholas
17 Onyx 1989  
18 Political Culture and National Development Wiarda, Howard J.
19 Primary source, April 1989 1989  
20 Primary source, August 1989 1989  
21 Primary source, March 1989 1989  
22 Primary source, November 1989 1989  
23 Primary source, October 1989 1989  
24 Putting the Culture Back into Development Packard-Winkler, Mary
25 Software Production and Development Policy Alternatives: Brazil and Singapore Rauenhorst, Amy M.