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1 "Allegory of Want" Coyotes, Conflict, and Animal Control Officers in Massachusetts. Pellegrini, Nadine.
2 BACE1 elevation engendered by GGA3 deletion increases β-amyloid pathology in association with APP elevation and decreased CHL1 processing in 5XFAD mice. Kim, WonHee.
Ma, Liang.
Lomoio, Selene.
Willen, Rachel.
Lombardo, Sylvia.
Dong, Jinghui.
Haydon, Philip G.
Tesco, Giuseppina.
3 Connecting Knowledge Levels of Owners with Pet Rabbit Welfare. Vancelette, Ellen.
4 Curcumin and piperine supplementation of obese mice under caloric restriction modulates body fat and interleukin-1β. Miyazawa, Taiki.
Nakagawa, Kiyotaka.
Kim, Sharon H.
Thomas, Michael J.
Paul, Ligi.
Zingg, Jean-Marc.
Dolnikowski, Gregory G.
Roberts, Susan B.
Kimura, Fumiko.
Miyazawa, Teruo.
Azzi, Angelo.
Meydani, Mohsen.
5 Embedding weight management into safety-net pediatric primary care: randomized controlled trial. Wylie-Rosett, Judith.
Groisman-Perelstein, Adriana E.
Diamantis, Pamela M.
Jimenez, Camille C.
Shankar, Viswanathan.
Conlon, Beth A.
Mossavar-Rahmani, Yasmin.
Isasi, Carmen R.
Martin, Sarah N.
Ginsberg, Mindy.
Matthan, Nirupa R.
Lichtenstein, Alice H.
6 Inflammation and glucose homeostasis are associated with specific structural features among adults without knee osteoarthritis: a cross-sectional study from the osteoarthritis initiative. Stout, Alina C.
Barbe, Mary F.
Eaton, Charles B.
Amin, Mamta.
Al-Eid, Fatimah.
Price, Lori Lyn.
Lu, Bing.
Lo, Grace H.
Zhang, Ming.
Pang, Jincheng.
McAlindon, Timothy E.
Driban, Jeffrey B.
7 Intact β-Cryptoxanthin Prevention of Cigarette Smoke-Induced Inflammatory Lung Lesions Independent of Carotenoid Cleavage Enzymes and Mechanistic Understanding of Sirtuin 1 Activity Chiaverelli, Rachel.
8 Manager and consumer perspectives on fruit and vegetable availability and purchasing at Navajo Nation small stores Piltch, Emily.
9 Relationship between muscle strength and dyslipidemia, serum 25(OH)D, and weight status among diverse schoolchildren: a cross-sectional analysis. Blakeley, Caitlin E.
Van Rompay, Maria I.
Schultz, Nicole S.
Sacheck, Jennifer M.
10 Seasonality and determinants of child growth velocity and growth deficit in rural southwest Ethiopia. Fentahun, Netsanet.
Belachew, Tefera.
Coates, Jennifer.
Lachat, Carl.
11 Tough Talk: The Construction of the Iranian Myth by the Obama Administration (2008 – 2016) Ee Si Qian, Marie E.
12 "'But he speaks Spanish': English-Only Policies and Colonial Mechanization of Home Languages" & "Uncovering Miss Amanda: Reflecting on the Power of a Critical Feminist Researcher". Miller, Amanda.
13 "A Progressive Conservative": The Roles of George Perkins and Frank Munsey in the Progressive Party Campaign of 1912 Cole, Marena.
14 "A Strange Land and a Peculiar People" The Challenge of Antebellum Appalachian Christianity to the Religious Mainstream. da Silva, Julia.
15 "Am I Not a Woman and a Sister:" Activist Performance in Antebellum Black Women's Literary Societies Herron, Jennifer.
16 "An In-Vitro Approach to Identifying Potential Drug Candidates to Prevent Acetaminophen Toxicity" Youngblood, Vaughn.
17 "Beauty on Duty": Constructions of Femininity and American Women's Uniforms in World War II Sheldon, Rachel L.
18 "Black is a Country": The Impact of the Cuban Revolution on American Black Radical Solidarities Ikeda, James.
19 "De Understandin' to Go 'Long wid It": W.E.B. Du Bois, Zora Neale Hurston, and the Black Diaspora in the Americas. Cantave, Sophia.
20 "Facade". Rose, Caitlin.
21 "For Thy Best Beauty": Canticles and Collectivity in Early America. Nielson, Boyd.
22 "I Am a Story of Tamale": Sheriff Ghale's Cosmopolitanism. Babcock, Philip.
23 "I Think Different Now": Adolescent Mothers' Meaning Making and Mindset in the Transition to Parenthod. Waddoups, Anne.
24 "I'm Pregnant and Getting My High School Diploma": How Educational Attainment Scripts Contribute to Secondary Educational Resilience among Adolescent Mothers. Greenstone, Jessica.
25 "It is Our Duty to Distribute These Films to the People": The Vital Cinemas of the New Wave and Sixth Generation Walencewicz, Amanda J.