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1 'Black' Strangers in the White Rose County: Pakistanis, Irish, and the Shaping of Multiethnic West Yorkshire, 1845-1985. Mass, Sarah.
2 'Frictions' and Forgiveness: NGOs and Community Transitional Justice in War-Affected Northern Uganda Bergenfield, Rachel
3 'Live and Direct:' the Impact of Live Nation on Contemporary Popular Music Performance. Goralnik, Michael.
4 A Case Study of Rural Forest Guinea, Guinea Peeters, Loek E. A.
5 A Possible link between Aβ42 production associated with Alzheimer's Disease and SIRT1. Barry, Walter.
6 A Red Flag: The Collapse of the Urban Chinese Medical Care System since the Economic Reforms of the early 1980s. Bach, Aliza.
7 A specification paradigm for the design and implementation of Tangible user interfaces. Shaer, Orit.
Jacob, Robert J. K.
8 AU Panel Listens to Darfur 2009  
9 Achieving Complex National Security Missions: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Design and Management of Collaborative Institutions Iverson, Erik
10 Additionality of the Clean Development Mechanism: Insights from Central American Case Studies Lindsay, Abby
11 Afghanistan: Humanitarianism Under Threat Donini, Antonio
12 African Union Panel on Darfur: Mission to Sudan June 14-25, 2009 Process, Outcomes, Observations 2009  
13 Aid and Violence: Development Policies and Conflict in Nepal Bonino, Francesca
Donini, Antonio
14 Al-Mirghani Initiative for Relization of Comprehensive National Consensus 2009  
15 Allocution De M. Jean Ping, President de la Commission 2009  
16 Ambiguity and Change: Humanitarian NGOs Prepare for the Future Donini, Antonio
Borrel, Annalies
Kent, Randolph
Minear, Larry
Moomaw, William
Mowjee, Tasneem
Najam, Adil
Purdin, Susan
Walker, Peter
Wisner, Ben
17 An Evaluation of Dam Removal Policy and Practices In The Nature Conservancy's Eastern Region. Zinder, Daniel.
von Trapp, Kiersten.
Soule, Jessica.
Bird, Jasmine.
18 An Ownership Model of Annotation: The Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank Bamman, David
Mambrini, Francesco
Crane, Gregory
19 Analysis: Sudan awaiting Mbeki's panel report on Darfur 2009  
20 Annual Report 2009  
21 Anomalous uniform domain in a twisted nematic cell constructed from micropatterned surfaces. Atherton, Timothy J.
Sambles, Roy.
Bramble, J.P.
Henderson, J.R.
Evans, Stephen D.
22 Appendix: Why Democracy 2009  
23 Application of Design of Dynamic Experiments in a Batch Crystallizer. Hagger, Andrew.
24 Application of near-infrared spectroscopy for discrimination of mental workloads. Sassaroli, Angelo.
Zheng, Feng.
Girouard, Audrey.
Solovey, Erin Treacy.
Chauncey, Krysta.
Hirshfield, Leanne H.
Peck, Evan.
Jacob, Robert J. K.
Fantini, Sergio (Professor of Biomedical Engineering)
25 Arrhythmia. Labanowski, Phyllis.