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10601 [Letter from AFL-CIO to Occupational Safety and Health Administration regarding an indoor air quality standard] MARGARET M. SEMINARIO
10602 [Letter from American G.I Forum to Sen. Packwood opposing excise tax plan] 1980  
10603 [Letter from Andrew Young, Mayor of Atlanta, to Congressman Andrew Jacobs Jr regarding defecit reduction and fairness] 1980  
10604 [Letter from Arthur J. Stevens of Lorillard Tobacco to Daniel Jaffe of Association of National Advertisers] ARTHUR J. STEVENS
10605 [Letter from Californians Against Regulatory Excess to respondants to a survey on Proposition 10] MONAGAN, R
10606 [Letter from Coaltion Against Regressive Taxation to Rep. Ackerman urging him to oppose excise tax bill] 1980  
10607 [Letter from D. R. Tedder to F. Hurt re: BC&T] Stevens, Jo
Woodson, Walter
Stevens, A J
10608 [Letter from Dan C. Alverson to TAN members regarding Los Angeles City Council ordinance restricting workplace smoking] ALVERSON DC
10609 [Letter from Featherstonhaugh, Conway, Wiley & Clyne, LLP to Walter Woodson] 1980  
10610 [Letter from Frank Hurt of the Bakery, Confectionery & Tobacco Workers International Union to Senator Edward Kennedy] Hurt, Frank
10611 [Letter from G. Robertson to P. Canner re: ACVA Atlantic and BCIA] ROBERTSON G
10612 [Letter from J. Kelly to J. S. Dowell regarding California AFL-CIO] DOWDELL JS
10613 [Letter from Joe Trevino to Rep. Sam Gibbons thanking him for his opposition to excise taxes] 1980  
10614 [Letter from John DeConcini inviting union presidents to join the Labor Management Committee] John DeConcini
10615 [Letter from John Deconcini to John Sweeney regarding article on smoking restrictions] DECONCINI,J
10616 [Letter from Labor Management Committee to Health Security Action Council regarding funding for catastrophic health coverage] CAMPBELL,PJ
10617 [Letter from Lane Kirkland (Pres. AFL-CIO) to Sen. Robert Packwood regarding excise taxes] 1980  
10618 [Letter from Latino Peace Officers Association to Sen. Packwood opposing excise tax plan] 1980  
10619 [Letter from League of United Latin American Citizens to Sen. Packwood opposing his tax plan] 1980  
10620 [Letter from Mexican American Grocers Association to Sen. Packwood opposing excise tax plan] 1980  
10621 [Letter from NEMI to Henry Waxmanopposing HR 3434, the Smoke-Free Environment Act of 1993] RICHARD L. PECK
10622 [Letter from National Tobacco Council to Council for Burley Tobacco requesting support in fighting excise taxes] 1980  
10623 [Letter from P.J. Dunhaime to S. Gold reviewing NCSL's earmarking study] 1980  
10624 [Letter from Roy Jasso to Sen. Packwood opposing excise taxes on the behalf of Hispanics] 1980  
10625 [Letter from S. Chilcote to Rep. Luken] Chilcote-SD-Jr