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10626 Estado de los tratados y convenciones Interamericanos = Status of Inter-American treaties and conventions = Relação dos tratados e convenções Interamericanos = État des traités et des conventions Interaméricains / Pan American Union. General Legal Division. 1973  
10627 Mechanism and Responsibility Dennett, Daniel C.
10628 Review of Freedom of the Will, by J. R. Lucas Dennett, Daniel C.
10629 Blocks and F-class algebras of finite groups. Reynolds, William F.
10630 Intentional Systems Dennett, Daniel C.
10631 Minutes of the meeting of the board of directors 1971  
10632 Review of the Subject of Consciousness, by C. O. Evans Dennett, Daniel C.
10633 Executive committee meeting minutes 1970  
10634 Minutes of postponed annual meeting of directors 1970  
10635 Peasants and pressure : the peasant as an active force in the process of change and development in rural Tanzania : a thesis presented to the faculty of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosophy / by Robert David Hormats. Hormats, Robert D., author.
10636 Treaties and other international agreements on oceanographic resources, fisheries and wildlife to which the United States is party / prepared at the request of Honorable Warren G. Magnuson, chairman, for the use of the Committee on Commerce, United States Senate by the Legislative Reference Sercvice, the Library of Congress. 1970  
10637 Board of directors meeting 1969  
10638 Collective defense treaties : with maps, texts of treaties, a chronology, status of forces agreements, and comparative chart / [Prepared by Helen Mattas]. United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs.
10639 Minutes of a special meeting of the board of directors 1969  
10640 Minutes of meeting of executive committee of the board of directors 1969  
10641 Minutes of postponed annual meeting of directors 1969  
10642 Postponed annual meeting, board of directors 1969  
10643 Board of directors meeting 1968  
10644 Correspondence 1968  
10645 Features of Intentional Action Dennett, Daniel C.
10646 Geach on Intentional Identity Dennett, Daniel C.
10647 Machine Traces and Protocol Statements Dennett, Daniel C.
10648 Minutes of a special meeting of the board of directors 1968  
10649 Minutes of postponed annual meeting of directors 1968  
10650 Article - Brazil 1967