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12126 Characterizing Indicators of Students' Productive Disciplinary Engagement Swenson, Jessica E.
Wendell, K.
12127 Corner Stores as Food Sources and Third Places for the Youth of Somerville, MA. Luce, Shelby L.
12128 Dynamics of 5th Grade Students Engineering Service Learning Projects Swenson, Jessica E.
Portsmore, M.
12129 Examining the Engineering Design Process of First-Year Engineering Students During a Hands-on, In-class Design Challenge Swenson, Jessica E.
Portsmore, M.
Danahy, E.
12130 Examining the Influence of an Ill- and Well-defined Problems in a First-Year Engineering Design Course. Swenson, Jessica E.
Schnedeker, Marya
Coppola, Sarah
Madariaga, Leonardo Andres
12131 Experiences in avian trauma : beaks, brains and bones. Volume 3, Loons, ospreys and grebes / Kit Chubb. Chubb, Kit, 1936-
12132 Eyewitness Memory: Attention as a mechanism for enhanced suggestibility Hodhod, Taylor S.
12133 Investigating the Effects of Transcription and RNA Processing on CAG Repeat Fragility. Fair, Stacey A.
12134 Julian of Norwich and the Muttering Fiend Spellmire, Adam M.
12135 Lead & Lead Poisoning in Antiquity Nriagu, Jerome O.
12136 Learning Engineering and Teaching Engineering: Comparing the Engineering Epistemologies of Two Novice Teachers with Distinct Pedagogies of Design Swenson, Jessica E.
Wendell, K.
12137 Loons : old history and new findings : proceedings of a symposium given at the 115th Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union, 15 August 1997, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis / conveners and editors, Judith W. McIntyre, David C. Evers. McIntyre, Judith W.
Evers, David C., 1962-
12138 Modeling Pathways of Character Development across the First Three Decades of Life: An Application of Integrative Data Analysis Techniques to Understanding the Development of Hopeful Future Expectations Schmid Callina, Kristina
Sara K. Johnson
Jonathan M. Tirrell
Milena Batanova
Michelle B. Weiner
Richard M. Lerner
12139 Money Pyramid scheme  
12140 Proceedings of the Second North American Conference on Common Loon Research and Management, January 14-16, 1979, Syracuse, New York / edited by Scott A. Sutcliffe ; sponsored by National Audubon Society, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Syracuse University. North American Conference on Common Loon Research and Management 1979 : Syracuse, N.Y.
Sutcliffe, Scott A., editor.
12141 Rare IL-17A+ Lymphocytes in the Pathogenesis of Spondyloarthritis. Hossain, Imtiyaz N.
12142 Sechs Sonaten, Versuche uber d. wahre art d. Clavier zu spielen Bach, Carl Phillip Emanuel
12143 Signed Agreement of the Mol in Arabic  
12144 Substituent Effects That Control Conjugated Oligomer Conformation Through Non-Covalent Interactions. Thomas, Samuel W.
12145 The Effects of Replication Fork Restart on CAG Repeat Instability in S. pombe. Gold, Michaela A.
12146 The Interaction Between Action Understanding and Causal Reasoning in Young Children Bu, Amy H.
12147 Triggered Release of Encapsulated Cargo from Photoresponsive Polyelectrolyte Nanocomplexes. Thomas, Samuel W.
12148 Two complementary lattice-Boltzmann-based analyses for nonlinear systems Otomo, Hiroshi
Boghosian, Bruce M.
Dubois, Francois