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1 This I Believe Rosenblum, Sidney
2 A Mask Was Stifling Me Freeman, Lucy
3 I Dont Play to the Grandstand Doerr, Bobby
4 This I Believe Ely, Van Horn
5 This I Believe Gates, Frieda
6 Paying the Rent of Service Bristol, Lee Hastings
7 A Haven Beside the Still Waters Harris, E. A. Gene
8 That Look You Get Harsch, Joseph C. (Joseph Close)
9 The Way to Happiness, Understanding and Peace Compton, Wilson Martindale
10 This I Believe Brewster, Neal
11 This I Believe Wooten, Ben
12 This I Believe Winslow, Thyra Samter
13 This I Believe Rieder, Edmond
14 Three O'Cat Is Still a Game De La Torre, Lillian