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3201 [Three-Year Strategic Plan - Fire Safety Issue] 1980  
3202 [Tobacco Institute StateLine report] #Error
3203 [Tobacco Institute and Coalition on Smoking and OR Health documents regarding the effect of excise taxes on employment] 1980  
3204 [Tobacco Institute documents relating to Clinton's health care reform] SUSAN STUNTZ
3205 [Tobacco Institute memo re: "The Smokefree Environment Act of 1993"] Chilcote, S.D.
3206 [Tobacco Institute memo re: Congressional Hearing on Secondhand Smoke and Children] Chilcote, S.D.
3207 [Tobacco Institute proposed budget for 1994] 1980  
3208 [Tobacco industry memos re: agreement with state attorneys general] 1980  
3209 [Update on tobacco issues in the US Congress and the federal agencies] Yoe, Catherine I
3210 [local and state labor leaders on the indoor air quality IAQ and tax issues] Savarese, Jim
3211 [pamphlet from the National Conference on Environmental Tobacco Smoke] 1980  
3212 [that unless the State requires such a process and develops a consistent protocol and approach to investigations as well as requiring follow up that indoor air quality will not be addressed in a manner that will protect Massachusetts workers further] 1980  
3213 [tobacco institute general ledger report] 1980