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26 Allocution De M. Jean Ping, President de la Commission 2009  
27 Ambiguity and Change: Humanitarian NGOs Prepare for the Future Donini, Antonio
Borrel, Annalies
Kent, Randolph
Minear, Larry
Moomaw, William
Mowjee, Tasneem
Najam, Adil
Purdin, Susan
Walker, Peter
Wisner, Ben
28 An Evaluation of Dam Removal Policy and Practices In The Nature Conservancy's Eastern Region. Zinder, Daniel.
von Trapp, Kiersten.
Soule, Jessica.
Bird, Jasmine.
29 An Ownership Model of Annotation: The Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank Bamman, David
Mambrini, Francesco
Crane, Gregory
30 Analysis: Sudan awaiting Mbeki's panel report on Darfur 2009  
31 Annual Report 2009  
32 Anomalous uniform domain in a twisted nematic cell constructed from micropatterned surfaces. Atherton, Timothy J.
Sambles, Roy.
Bramble, J.P.
Henderson, J.R.
Evans, Stephen D.
33 Appendix: Why Democracy 2009  
34 Application of Design of Dynamic Experiments in a Batch Crystallizer. Hagger, Andrew.
35 Application of near-infrared spectroscopy for discrimination of mental workloads. Sassaroli, Angelo.
Zheng, Feng.
Girouard, Audrey.
Solovey, Erin Treacy.
Chauncey, Krysta.
Hirshfield, Leanne H.
Peck, Evan.
Jacob, Robert J. K.
Fantini, Sergio (Professor of Biomedical Engineering)
36 Arrhythmia. Labanowski, Phyllis.
37 Art and Art History Department of Art and Art History
38 Audited Financial Statements for the Years ended 2009  
39 Avian and human movement to music: Two further parallels. Patel, Aniruddh D.
Iversen, John R.
Bregman, Micah R.
Schulz, Irena.
40 Azerbaijan and Israel: Oil, Islam and Strawberries Pragmatism in Foreign Policy Between Unlikely Allies Marcus, Robert
41 BSOT Notes, Summer Department of Occupational Therapy
42 BSOT Notes, Winter Department of Occupational Therapy
43 Back on Track: Talking Transit in Somerville. Cutrufo, Joseph.
Genua, Mark.
Mahaffy, Elizabeth.
Tracy, Migdalia.
Team Six Studios.
Groundwork Somerville.
  • Back on Track: Talking Transit in Somerville.
44 Bioactive Nanocomposites for Dentinogenic Restoration. Nadkarni, Lauren.
45 Biomimetic System For Inducing In Vitro Neovascularization. Fallica, Brian.
46 Brain measurement for usability testing and adaptive interfaces: An example of uncovering syntactic workload with functional near infrared spectroscopy. Hirshfield, Leanne M.
Solovey, Erin Treacy.
Girouard, Audrey.
Kebinger, James.
Jacob, Robert J. K.
Sassaroli, Angelo.
Fantini, Sergio (Professor of Biomedical Engineering)
47 Breaking and Bending Originalism: Scalia v. Souter in the Enduring Debate over the Original Meaning of the Religion Clauses. Shapanka, Matthew.
48 Breakthrough: Tufts' Undergraduate Science Magazine Digital Collections and Archives
49 Briefing: Darfur De Waal, Alexander
50 Brood chamber isolation during salinity stress in two estuarine mollusk species: from a protective nursery to a dangerous prison. Pechenik, Jan A.
Chaparro, Oscar R.
Segura, Cristian J.
Montory, Jaime A.
Navarro, Jorge M.