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151 Heart Rate and Heart-Rate Variability Responses to Acute and Chronic Stress in a Wild-Caught Passerine Bird. Romero, L. Michael.
Cyr, Nicole E.
Dickens, Molly J.
152 Hemispheres 2009  
153 Histological analysis of low dose NMU effects in the rat mammary gland. Murray, Tessa J.
Ucci, Angelo A.
Maffini, Maricel V.
Sonnenschein, Carlos.
Soto, Ana M.
154 History from the Hill, Fall Department of History
155 How to Assess Corruption in Defence: A Framework for Designing, Comparing and Interpreting Corruption Measurement Tools Reiling, Kirby
156 Humanitarian Futures: Getting Elephants to Dance Walker, Peter
157 Impact Assessment of the Community Animal Health System in Mandera West District, Kenya Bekele, Gezu
Akumu, Jeremiah
158 Improving OCR Accuracy for Classical Critical Editions Boschetti, Federico
Romanello, Matteo
Babeu, Alison
Bamman, David
Crane, Gregory
159 In the Matter of an Arbitration Before a Tribunal Constituted in Accordance with Article 5 of the Arbitration Agreement between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army on Delimiting Abyei Area - and - The Permanent Court of Arbitration Optional Rules for Arbitration Disputes between Two Parties of Which Only One is a State - between - The Government of Sudan - and- The Sudan People's Liebration Movement/Army Final Award 2009  
160 Information Note: African Union High Level Panel on Darfur Arrives in North Darfur 2009  
161 Inspiring the Local Response to Climate Change: An Examination of Barriers and Incentives in Medford Mass. Harris, Zoe.
Holmes, Jacqueline.
Kissel, Brielle.
Scott, Dallase.
162 Intervention de SE. E. M. Jean Ping, President de la Commission de l'Union Africaine, devant le Conseil de Securite des National Unies sur le Rapport du Groupe de Haut Niveau de l'Union Africaine sur le Darfour 2009  
163 Iraq: more challenges ahead for a fractured humanitarian enterprise Hansen, Greg
164 Isolation of incubation chambers during brooding: effect of reduced pH on protoconch development in the estuarine gastropod Crepipatella dilatata (Calyptraeidae). Pechenik, Jan A.
Montory, Jaime A.
Chaparro, Oscar R.
Cubillos, Victor Mauricio.
165 Joint Action and Hominin Cognitive Evolution. McLoone, Brian.
166 Kevin McDonald as Monsieur Bonnefoy, Dan Casey as Argan and Emily Code as Beline in 'The Imaginary Invalid' 2009
  • Kevin McDonald as Monsieur Bonnefoy, Dan Casey as Argan and Emily Code as Beline in 'The Imaginary Invalid'
167 Learning How to Talk about Race: Cross-Cultural Comparisons in Race-Related Social Norms Kanze, Jarren
168 Life Events: Objective and Subjective Responses to the Business Cycle. Porzecanski, Katia Julia.
169 Lily Zahn as Louison and Dan Casey as Argan in 'The Imaginary Invalid' 2009
  • Lily Zahn as Louison and Dan Casey as Argan in 'The Imaginary Invalid'
170 Livelihoods, Migration and Conflict: Discussion of Findings from Two Studies in West and North Darfur, 2006 - 2007 Young, Helen
Jacobsen, Karen
Osman, Abdal Monim
171 Livelihoods, Power, and Choice: The Vulnerability of the Northern Rizaygat, Darfur, Sudan Young, Helen
Osman, Abdal Monium
Abusin, Ahmed Malik
Asher, Michael
Egemi, Omer
172 Luteolin as a therapeutic option for multiple sclerosis. Theoharides, Theoharis C.
173 MD/MBA Futures Newsletter, Spring MD/MBA in Health Management Program
174 Maps for AUPD Report 2009  
175 Marlborough 2010: Business Action Plan, Downtown: In Focus. Forbes, David J.
Knoff, Adam B.
Lopez-Bernal, Gabriel J.
Petschek, Nicholas.