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6851 Hannah Wellman as Kate and Alexa Chryssos as Sylvia in 'Sylvia' 2010
  • Hannah Wellman as Kate and Alexa Chryssos as Sylvia in 'Sylvia'
6852 Hemispheres 2010  
6853 High Level Technical Meeting on Capacity Development for Southern Sudan - Opening Speech 2010  
6854 Homunculi Rule: Reflections on Darwinian Populations and Natural Selection (Oxford University Press, 2009) by Peter Godfrey Smith Dennett, Daniel C.
6855 Hormonal Control of Manduca sexta Cell Culture for Bioactuator Applications. Jo, Jonathan Erin.
6856 How Do Internally Displaced Women Respond to their Own Situations? A Case Study of the Emergence and Practices of Leadership Among Urban IDP Women in Columbia. Taylor, Alice.
6857 How multilateral environmental regimes affect policies for forest conservation and ecosystem services provision: The case of Costa Rica Muñoz Brenes, Carlos Luis
6858 Humanitarian Horizons: A Practitioners' Guide to the Future Feinstein International Center
Humanitarian Futures Programme
6859 Humanitarianism in Sri Lanka: Lessons Learned? Harris, Simon
6860 IGAD Summit of the Sub Committee on the Sudan 2010  
6861 IGAD Summit of the Sub Committee on the Sudan 2010  
6862 Identification of Social Interactions. Ioannides, Yannis Menelaos.
Blume, Larry.
Brock, Buz.
Durlauf, Steven N.
6863 Identity Crisis: Cosplay as Cultural Hybridization. Casey, Daniel M.
6864 Identity, Piety, and Outreach in Boston-area Muslim Students Associations Crosby, Stephanie L.
6865 Igniting Independence: Pyrophobia and Crowd Action in Eighteenth Century Boston. Sokol, Rebekah Bari.
6866 In Pursuit of Good Food: Improving School Food at Boston Arts Academy. Fitzpatrick, Kaleigh
Hession, Rebecca
LeFlore, Alison.
Pantalone, Stephen
Simons, Benjamin.
6867 In vitro and in vivo protective efficacies of antibodies that neutralize the RNA N-glycosidase activity of Shiga toxin 2. Jeong, Kwang-il.
Chapman-Bonofiglio, Susan.
Singh, Pradeep.
Lee, Jongo.
Tzipori, Saul.
Sheoran, Abhineet S.
6868 Inadequate Institutions and Inefficient Outcomes in Mexico's Sugar Industry Scaife, Katherine M.
6869 Incorporating engineering design into elementary school science curricula. Wendell, Kristen.
Connolly, Kathleen.
Wright, Christopher George.
Jarvin, Linda.
Rogers, Chris.
Barnett, Mike.
Marulcu, Ismail.
6870 Increasing the Financial Resilience of Disaster-affected Populations Jacobsen, Karen
Marshak, Anastasia
Griffith, Matthew
6871 Indian and Nepali immigrant businesses in Somerville: a study of growing communities Daniels, Alexis
6872 Infants' Understanding of the Goal-Directed Nature of Walking: Does Action Production Facilitate Action Perception? Rodini, Joseph Francis
6873 Informal comments to the Media by H.E. Mr. Abdalmahmood Abdalhaleem Mohamad, Permanent Representative of Sudan on the situation in Sudan. 2010  
6874 Institutional Assessment Report: Tsaeda Amba Woreda, Eastern Tigray, Ethiopia Coates, Jennifer
Maxwell, Daniel
Tadesse, Girum
Hailu, Shimelis
Nugussie, Woldegebrial Zeweld
Gebrekiros, Abraha
6875 Inter-Agency Contingency Planning for Southern Sudan 2010