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6876 Predation on juveniles of Crepidula fornicata by two crustaceans and two gastropods. Pechenik, Jan A.
Ambrogio, Olivia V.
Untersee, Steven.
6877 Presentation by the Chairperson of the AU High Level Implementation Panel for Sudan to the UN Security Council 2010  
6878 Press Brief: Sudan's Elections: What the Observers/Monitors Didn't See 2010  
6879 Press Communique: The Chairperson of the African Union Commission expresses strong support for UNAMID. 2010  
6880 Press Release 2010  
6881 Press Release of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union of its 248th Meeting 2010  
6882 Press Release: African Union Panel to Convene Summit Meeting of Southern Sudan Political Parties in Juba 2010  
6883 Press Release: Summit Meeting of Sudanese Political Parties - Update 2010  
6884 Press Statement 2010  
6885 Press Statement 2010  
6886 Press Statement: Sudanese Political Parties and Civil Society Organisations meet to discuss the Referendum and Code of Conduct 2010  
6887 Press Statement: President Mbeki, Chair of the AUHIP, formally submits the Electoral Code of Conduct to the National Elections Commission (NEC) 2010  
6888 Press Statement: The Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union Welcomes the Progress Made in the Negotiations on the Sudan Framework Agreement 2010  
6889 Professionalising the Humanitarian Sector: A Scoping Study Walker, Peter
Russ, Catherine
6890 Proposed Framework for Negotiation Process for the Post-2011 Arrangements Between the Government of Sudan (Gos) and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) 2010  
6891 Propositions, semantic values, and rigidity. Ninan, Dilip.
6892 Prospects for Peace in Darfur De Waal, Alexander
6893 Prospects for Peace in Sudan 2010  
6894 Prospects for Peace in Sudan 2010  
6895 Prospects for Peace in Sudan 2010  
6896 Public Health Rounds, Fall Public Health and Professional Degree Programs
6897 Public Health Rounds, Spring Public Health and Professional Degree Programs
6898 Pulling Back from the Brink: Fiscal Decentralization and Political Stability in China, 1979-1993 Chua, Ciqi Annabel
6899 ROR SITREP-2 2010  
6900 Racial differences in central adiposity in a longitudinal cohort of black and white adolescent females. Tybor, David J.
Lichtenstein, Alice H.
Dallal, Gerard E.
Daniels, Stephen R.
Must, Aviva.