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51 SMFA Bulletin, Spring 2018 School of the Museum of Fine Arts
52 Sackler Bulletin, Spring 2018 2018  
53 School of Dental Medicine Bulletin, Spring 2018 2018  
54 School of Dental Medicine, Postgraduate Bulletin, Spring 2018 2018  
55 Seasonality and determinants of child growth velocity and growth deficit in rural southwest Ethiopia. Fentahun, Netsanet.
Belachew, Tefera.
Coates, Jennifer.
Lachat, Carl.
56 Silk Fiber Films for the Slow and Continuous Release of Tetracycline and Doxycycline Foroutanjazi, Sadaf.
57 Spatial decision dynamics during wayfinding: intersections prompt the decision-making process. Brunyé, Tad T.
Gardony, Aaron L.
Holmes, Amanda.
Taylor, Holly A.
58 The Application of Algebraic Multigrid Methods to Solving Large Scale HodgeRank Problems Colley, Charles.
59 The Arabic Hour: Understanding Arab-American Media Activism and Community-Based Media Habeeb, Noah.
60 The Interpersonal Costs and Rewards of Confronting Sexism Akhtar, Muna.
61 The Origin of Physiological and Functional Brain Abnormalities During Fear Conditioning in Identical Twins Discordant for PTSD and Trauma Exposure Kaur, Navneet.
62 The blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni cleaves the coagulation protein high molecular weight kininogen (HK) but does not generate the vasodilator bradykinin. Wang, Qiang.
Da'dara, Akram A.
Skelly, Patrick J.
63 Transcriptome analysis of pig intestinal cell monolayers infected with Cryptosporidium parvum asexual stages. Mirhashemi, Marzieh Ezzaty.
Noubary, Farzad.
Chapman-Bonofiglio, Susan.
Tzipori, Saul.
Huggins, Gordon S.
Widmer, Giovanni.
64 Treatment of Recessions with Acellular Dermal Matrix in Thick and Thin Biotype Populations Lei, Kai.
65 Trophoblast differentiation, invasion and hormone secretion in a three-dimensional in vitro implantation model with rhesus monkey embryos. Chang, T. Arthur.
Bondarenko, Gennadiy I.
Gerami-Naini, Behzad.
Drenzek, Jessica G.
Durning, Maureen.
Garthwaite, Mark A.
Schmidt, Jenna Kropp.
Golos, Thaddeus G.
66 Veterinary Bulletin VetG, Spring 2018 2018  
67 Veterinary Bulletin VetP, Spring 2018 2018  
68 Water, sanitation, and hygiene access in southern Syria: analysis of survey data and recommendations for response. Sikder, Mustafa.
Daraz, Umar.
Lantagne, Daniele.
Saltori, Roberto.
69 Weight Regain after Lifestyle-Induced Weight Loss - Assessment of Existing Definitions, Evaluation of Cardiometabolic Risk and Development of a Prediction Model Berger, Samantha.
70 Tough Talk: The Construction of the Iranian Myth by the Obama Administration (2008 – 2016) Ee Si Qian, Marie E.
71 "'But he speaks Spanish': English-Only Policies and Colonial Mechanization of Home Languages" & "Uncovering Miss Amanda: Reflecting on the Power of a Critical Feminist Researcher". Miller, Amanda.
72 "A Progressive Conservative": The Roles of George Perkins and Frank Munsey in the Progressive Party Campaign of 1912 Cole, Marena.
73 "A Strange Land and a Peculiar People" The Challenge of Antebellum Appalachian Christianity to the Religious Mainstream. da Silva, Julia.
74 "Am I Not a Woman and a Sister:" Activist Performance in Antebellum Black Women's Literary Societies Herron, Jennifer.
75 "An In-Vitro Approach to Identifying Potential Drug Candidates to Prevent Acetaminophen Toxicity" Youngblood, Vaughn.