Athletic Rosters of Tufts University for the year 1930

Kenny, Maura
Sauer, Anne
Crowley, Zachary E.

Baseball (Men's)

Baseball (Men's)

Harry Arlanson, Captain John R. Verge Lucien P. Adams Raymond G. Ockert Harold C. Hatch Eugene H. Tobey Wallace A. Parkhurst Howard J. Godfrey Chester B. Story Charles J. Haber Nicholas H. Fitzgerald Norman O. Ingalls Edward A. McCarthy I. S. Rigazio Thorburn Kennedy Frank U. Lupien Irvin T. Wilkinson, Manager C. P. Houston, Secretary


The Athletics Rosters of Tufts University is the result of a project to collect and record the participants in organized athletics at Tufts University. The names contained in these rosters were compiled from the records of the Department of Physical Education/Athletics and particularly the Athletic Association Meeting Minutes and team files, as well as publications such as student newspapers, the ... read more

Baseball (Men's)
Baseball (Women's)
Basketball (Men's)
Basketball (Women's)
Cross Country (Men's)
Field Hockey
Golf (Men's)
Soccer (Men's)
Tennis (Men's)
Tennis (Women's)
Track (Men's)
Department of Phys. Ed./Athletics
Tufts University
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