Athletic Rosters of Tufts University for the year 1983

Kenny, Maura
Sauer, Anne
Crowley, Zachary E.

Men's Track

Men's Track

Coach Branwen Smith-King Asst. Coaches Fred Hintlian Greg Olsen Russ Winchester Captains Cam Cushing Deane Dolben Chris Lord

Varsity Team Record 3 10 0 Tufts 27 Bowdoin 99 Tufts 27 Colby 53 Tournaments Tufts Fitchburg Invite. Cancelled Tufts Fitchburg Invite. Non-scoring Tufts 9th NESCAC's 12 Teams Tufts B.C. Relays Non-scoring Tufts 7th Greater Boston Champs. Tufts Div. I New Englands Tufts Div. III. New Englands Tufts NCAA Div. III Nationals


Varsity Awards-11 Rocco A. Barbieri 1987 David S. Cramer 1985 Cushing, Cam M., Tri-captain 1984 Cary M. Dash 1984 Dolben, Deane H., Tri-captain 1984 Craig R. Everett 1987 Stafford B. Harrell 1985 Lord, Christopher T., Tri-captain 1984 Jerod F. Mason 1986 Eric J. Poullain 1985 John W. Taylor 1984

Participation-Certificates-2 Damon M. Hussar 1986 Michael F. Zartman 1987

Special Awards All-NESCAC Deane Dolben Eric Poullain

 Varsity Team Record 3 10 0 
 Tufts 27 Bowdoin 99 
 Tufts 27 Colby 53 
 Tufts   Fitchburg Invite. Cancelled 
 Tufts   Fitchburg Invite. Non-scoring 
 Tufts 9th NESCAC's 12 Teams 
 Tufts   B.C. Relays Non-scoring 
 Tufts 7th Greater Boston Champs.   
 Tufts     Div. I New Englands 
 Tufts     Div. III. New Englands 
 Tufts     NCAA Div. III Nationals 

Varsity Awards-11
Special Awards