Athletic Rosters of Tufts University for the year 1983

Kenny, Maura
Sauer, Anne
Crowley, Zachary E.

Women's Track

Women's Track

Coach Branwen Smith-King Asst. Coach Russ Winchester Captains Jan Brown Ruth Sacks

Varsity Team Record 12 6 0 Tufts 50 Springfield 84 Tufts 50 U. Mass. Amherst 54 Tournaments Tufts Fitchburg Invite. Non-scoring Tufts 2nd NESCAC's 12 Teams Tufts 4th Polar Bear Invite. 6 Teams Tufts 3rd Penn Relays Mile Relay Tufts 6th Greater Boston Champs. Tufts Div. I. New Englands Tufts Div. III. ECAC's Tufts NCAA Div. III. Nationals


Varsity Awards-9 Janice M. Blood 1987 Jan A. Brown 1985, Co-captain Jean M. Durben 1987 Cheryl A. Hayes 1986 Lisa M. Horowitz 1986 Beth A. Rosen 1986 Ruth E. Sacks 1985, Co-captain Nicole M. St. Pierre 1985 Elizabeth M. Sutton 1987

Participation-Certificates-1 Laura M. Scanlan 1987

Special Awards All-NESCAC Janice Blood Jan Brown Cheryl Hayes Lisa Horowitz Nicole St. Pierre Elizabeth Sutton

 Varsity Team Record 12 6 0 
 Tufts 50 Springfield 84 
 Tufts 50 U. Mass. Amherst 54 
 Tufts   Fitchburg Invite. Non-scoring 
 Tufts 2nd NESCAC's 12 Teams 
 Tufts 4th Polar Bear Invite. 6 Teams 
 Tufts 3rd Penn Relays Mile Relay 
 Tufts 6th Greater Boston Champs.   
 Tufts     Div. I. New Englands 
 Tufts     Div. III. ECAC's 
 Tufts     NCAA Div. III. Nationals 

Varsity Awards-9
Special Awards