Athletic Rosters of Tufts University for the year 1985

Kenny, Maura
Sauer, Anne
Crowley, Zachary E.

Co-Ed Sailing

Co-Ed Sailing

Coach Kenneth W. Legler Asst. Coach Doug Walker Captain Keith Taboada

Junior Varsity Placed No. in Field Yale Invitational 1st 6 Brown Invitational 2nd 9 Gibb Trophy 8th 11 B. V. Invitational 3rd 9 N. E. Frosh Champs 3rd 10 Varsity Placed No. in Field Rose Bowl 11th 19 Charleston Inter. 2nd 10 Trux Umstead 4th 20 Boston Dinghy C. C. 10th 18 Northern Series 1 1st9 Friis Trophy 2nd 16 Northern Series 2 4th10 Southern Series 2 4th8 M. I. T. Invitational 1st 10 Geiger Trophy 3rd 5 Northern Series 3 2nd9 Southern Series 3 5th10 Oberg Trophy 4th 8 Shields Invitational 1st 5 Staake Trophy 1st 8 Northern Series 4 1st11 Southern Series 4 4th6 Shields Invitational 1st 4 N. E. Team Race 2nd 8 Admiral Alymers 7th 7 B. U. Trophy 8th 11 Northern Series 5 1st10 Southern Series 5 5th7 N. E. Dinghy Champs 2nd 14


Varsity Awards-13 Joseph W. Berkeley 1988 Lisa A. Cutilletta 1988 John A. Drayton 1988 Stephanie P. Friendman 1987 Magnus B. Gravare 1986 David J. Himmel 1987 Elexander E. Jackson 1988 Samuel R. Kerner 1988 Scott G. Kyle 1988 Steven A. Poncelet 1986 Melba B. Quizon 1988 Taboada, Keith P. (Captain) 1986 Antoinette Ziluca 1986

Participation-Certificates-27 George K. Atwood 1986 James R. Atwood 1988 Jennifer A. Bailey 1988 Ann N. Baker 1988 Thomas E. Brendler 1990 Nancy Carney 1987 John H. Coughlin 1988 Gregory DeLong 1989 Benjamin F. DuPont 1986 Michael A. Edelman 1986 Katherine Gulick 1987 Scott R. Jordan 1989 John N. Krik 1987 Thomas D. Kirk 1989 Patricia C. Lee 1989 Gregg E. Mastoras 1989 Beth D. McLaughlin 1988 Charles A. Rozes 1990 Stephanie A. Richards 1990 Johnathan Rugkhauer 1988 John A. Tagliamonte 1988 Peter C. Truslow 1986 Van Nievelt 1986 Ethan K. Waters 1989 Brian R. Watkins 1988 Edward K. Weld 1986 Andrew W. Lowitt 1986

 Junior Varsity     
   Placed No. in Field 
 Yale Invitational 1st 6 
 Brown Invitational 2nd 9 
 Gibb Trophy 8th 11 
 B. V. Invitational 3rd 9 
 N. E. Frosh Champs 3rd 10 
   Placed No. in Field 
 Rose Bowl 11th 19 
 Charleston Inter. 2nd 10 
 Trux Umstead 4th 20 
 Boston Dinghy C. C. 10th 18 
 Northern Series 1 1st9 
 Friis Trophy 2nd 16 
 Northern Series 2 4th10 
 Southern Series 2 4th8 
 M. I. T. Invitational 1st 10 
 Geiger Trophy 3rd 5 
 Northern Series 3 2nd9 
 Southern Series 3 5th10 
 Oberg Trophy 4th 8 
 Shields Invitational 1st 5 
 Staake Trophy 1st 8 
 Northern Series 4 1st11 
 Southern Series 4 4th6 
 Shields Invitational 1st 4 
 N. E. Team Race 2nd 8 
 Admiral Alymers 7th 7 
 B. U. Trophy 8th 11 
 Northern Series 5 1st10 
 Southern Series 5 5th7 
 N. E. Dinghy Champs 2nd 14 

Varsity Awards-13

The Athletics Rosters of Tufts University is the result of a project to collect and record the participants in organized athletics at Tufts University. The names contained in these rosters were compiled from the records of the Department of Physical Education/Athletics and particularly the Athletic Association Meeting Minutes and team files, as well as publications such as student newspapers, the ... read more

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