Athletic Rosters of Tufts University for the year 1985

Kenny, Maura
Sauer, Anne
Crowley, Zachary E.

Women's Indoor Track And Field

Women's Indoor Track And Field

Coach Branwen Smith-King Captains Cheryl Hayes Lisa Horowitz

Varsity Team Record 7 0 0 Tufts 105 Bowdoin 54 Tufts 105 Colby 15 Tufts 96 Bates 62 Tufts 96 Amherst 11 Tufts 96 Salem State 9 Tufts 99 Fitchburg State 36 Tufts Brandeis No Show 5th pl. Boston Championship 3rd pl. Jumbo Invitational 16th pl. New England All Division 3rd pl. ECAC Division III


Varsity Awards-16 Kymberly Adams 1988 Nancy E. Benson 1988 Janice M. Blood 1987 Marie A. Bombara 1987 Dana Carver 1989 Margaret Cocks 1988 Phyllis Deery 1988 Anne Friedman 1989 Hayes, Cherly A. (Co-captain) 1986 Horowitz, Lisa M. (Co-captain) 1986 Rachel Kravitz 1989 Cynthia Larson 1988 Lisa A. LeClerc 1988 Beth A. Rosen 1986 Cheryl Smith 1989 Elizabeth M. Sutton 1987

Participation-Certificates-9 Monique Buffler 1989 Catherine Courrieu 1989 Victoria Dolben 1989 Melissa Edison 1989 Joyce R. Furman 1987 Nancy Greenspan 1989 Sharon Kovarsky 1989 Elisabeth A. Salzhauer 1987 Nicole M. St. Pierre 1986

Division I All New England Nancy Benson Janice Blood Anne Friedman Cheryl Hayes Cynthia Larson Elizabeth Sutton All-ECAC Kymberly Adams Nancy Benson Marie Bombara Anne Friedman Joyce Furman Cheryl Hayes Cynthia Larson Lisa LeClerc Beth Rosen Cheryl Smith Elizabeth Sutton

 Varsity Team Record 7 0 0 
 Tufts 105 Bowdoin 54 
 Tufts 105 Colby 15 
 Tufts 96 Bates 62 
 Tufts 96 Amherst 11 
 Tufts 96 Salem State 9 
 Tufts 99 Fitchburg State 36 
 Tufts   Brandeis No Show 
     5th pl. Boston Championship 
     3rd pl. Jumbo Invitational 
     16th pl. New England All Division 
     3rd pl. ECAC Division III 

Varsity Awards-16

The Athletics Rosters of Tufts University is the result of a project to collect and record the participants in organized athletics at Tufts University. The names contained in these rosters were compiled from the records of the Department of Physical Education/Athletics and particularly the Athletic Association Meeting Minutes and team files, as well as publications such as student newspapers, the ... read more

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