Genomic and genetic analyses of diversity and plant interactions of Pseudomonas fluorescens.

Silby, Mark W.
Cerdeño-Tárraga, Ana M.
Vernikos, Georgios S.
Giddens, Stephen R.
Jackson, Robert W.
Preston, Gail M.
Zhang, Xue-Xian.
Moon, Christina D.
Gehrig, Stefanie M.
Godfrey, Scott AC.
Knight, Christopher G.
Malone, Jacob G.
Robinson, Zena.
Spiers, Andrew J.
Harris, Simon.
Challis, Gregory L.
Yaxley, Alice M.
Harris, David.
Seeger, Kathy.
Murphy, Lee.
Rutter, Simon.
Squares, Rob.
Quail, Michael A.
Saunders, Elizabeth.
Mavromatis, Konstantinos.
Brettin, Thomas S.
Bentley, Stephen D.
Hothersall, Joanne.
Stephens, Elton.
Thomas, Christopher M.
Parkhill, Julian.
Levy, Stuart B.
Rainey, Paul B.
Thomson, Nicholas R.

Background: Pseudomonas fluorescens are common soil bacteria that can improve plant health through nutrient cycling, pathogen antagonism and induction of plant defenses. The genome sequences of strains SBW25 and Pf0-1 were determined and compared to each other and with P. fluorescens Pf-5. A functional genomic in vivo expression technolog... read more

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Silby, Mark, Ana M. Cerdeño-Tárraga, Georgios S. Vernikos, Stephen R. Giddens, Robert W. Jackson, Gail M. Preston, Xue-Xian Zhang, Christina D. Moon, Stefanie M. Gehrig, Scott AC Godfrey, Christopher G. Knight, Jacob G. Malone, Zena Robinson, Andrew J. Spiers, Simon Harris, Gregory L. Challis, Alice M. Yaxley, David Harris, Kathy Seeger, Lee Murphy, Simon Rutter, Rob Squares, Michael A. Quail, Elizabeth Saunders, Konstantinos Mavromatis, Thomas S. Brettin, Stephen D. Bentley, Joanne Hothersall, Elton Stephens, Christopher M. Thomas, Julian Parkhill, Stuart B. Levy, Paul B. Rainey, and Nicholas R. Thomson. "Genomic and genetic analyses of diversity and plant interactions of Pseudomonas fluorescens." Genome Biology 10, no. 12 (5, 2009): 1-16.
ID: tufts:17560
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