The impact of engineering-based science instruction on science content understanding and attitudes.

Wendell, Kristen.
Portsmore, Merredith D.
Wright, Christopher George.
Rogers, Chris.
Jarvin, Linda.
Kendall, Amber.

This paper presents our ongoing study of the impact of using engineering-based science instruction on elementary students' science content understanding and attitudes. In 2008/2009,fourteen third- and fourth-grade teachers from six urban public schools in the northeastern United States implemented at least one of our four engineering design-based science units. Each of the four curriculum units po... read more

Engineering--Study and teaching.
Tufts University. Department of Mechanical Engineering.
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Wendell, K. B., & Portsmore, M. D., & Wright, C. G., & Rogers, C., & Jarvin, L., & Kendall, A. (2011, June), The Impact of Engineering-Based Science Instruction on Science Content Understanding Paper presented at 2011 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Vancouver, BC. © 2011 American Society for Engineering Education.
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