Boko Haram Conflict Map.

Barton, Abigail.
Zussman, Noah.
Zheng, Norma.

Students in Tufts PJS150-5 Conflict Resolution (Spring 2018, Professor Amanda Donahoe) worked in small groups write a collaborative research paper, called a 'conflict map' in which they select and analyze a current world conflict and make an argument for a course of resolution. This conflict map analyzes the Boko Haram conflict in Nigeria.

Boko Haram.
Terrorist organizations.
Tufts University. Peace and Justice Studies Program.
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Barton, Abigail, Noah Zussman and Norma Zheng. "Boko Haram Conflict Map." Peace and Justice Studies 150 coursework, Tufts University, Spring 2018.
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