21st Century Desertification In China.

Bracken, Andrew.
Cunningham, Evan.
Sadler, William
Moe, Andreas.

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This video was produced by Andrew Bracken, Evan Cunningham, Will Sadler, and Andreas Moe at Tufts University as part of the undergraduate research and media project in Environmental Biology (Bio 7, Professor Colin Orians) during the Fall 2017 semester. Opinions expressed in this video are of the students and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Environmental Studies Program or Tufts Univ... read more

Tufts University. Department of Biology.
Tufts University. Environmental Studies Program.
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Bracken, Andrew, Evan Cunningham, Will Sadler, and Andreas Moe. "21st Century Desertification In China." Biology 007 coursework, Tufts University, Fall 2017.
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