Inhibition of monocyte-like cell extravasation protects from neurodegeneration in DBA/2J glaucoma.

Williams, Pete A.
Braine, Catherine E.
Kizhatil, Krishnakumar.
Foxworth, Nicole E.
Tolman, Nicholas G.
Harder, Jeffrey M.
Scott, Rebecca A.
Sousa, Gregory L.
Panitch, Alyssa.
Howell, Gareth R.
John, Simon W.

Background: Glaucoma is characterized by the progressive dysfunction and loss of retinal ganglion cells. Recent work in animal models suggests that a critical neuroinflammatory event damages retinal ganglion cell axons in the optic nerve head during ocular hypertensive injury. We previously demonstrated that monocyte-like cells enter the optic nerve head in an ocular hypertensive mouse model of gl... read more

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