Improved Fourier-based characterization of intracellular fractal features

Xylas, Joanna
Quinn, Kyle P.
Hunter, Martin
Georgakoudi, Irene

A novel Fourier-based image analysis method for measuring fractal features is presented which can significantly reduce artifacts due to non-fractal edge effects. The technique is broadly applicable to the quantitative characterization of internal morphology (texture) of image features with well-defined borders. In this study, we explore the capacity of this method for quantitative ass... read more

Provost Open Access Fund
Department of Biomedical Engineering
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Xylas, Joanna, Kyle P. Quinn, Martin Hunter, and Irene Georgakoudi. "Improved Fourier-based characterization of intracellular fractal features." Optics Express 20, no. 21 (8 October 2012).
ID: tufts:PB.002.00018
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