Regulatory Watch-An Alert of Proposed Anti-Smoking Actions


Marginalia; Illegible/Difficult to Read; Draft; Edited draft of R.J. Reynolds' alert of proposed anti-smoking regulations. Provides state by state outline of proposed anti-smoking legislation. Suggests how citizens can combat regulations. Asks citizens to write to adresses provided.

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Community Health Program Records
Boxer (Rep.)
Edwards (Rep.)
Bates (Rep.)
Dornan (Rep.)
Martinez (Rep.)
Packard (Rep.)
Dymally (Rep.)
Brown (Rep.)
Dellums (Rep.)
Anderson (Rep.)
Schaefer (Rep.-CO)
Armstrong (Sen.-CO)
Wirth (Sen.-CO)
Romner, Roy (Gov.)
Gibbons (Rep.)
Grant, John (Sen.)
Cuomo, Marlo (Gov.)
Granice, Pete
Blackwell, Lucien
Specter, Joan
R.J. Reynolds
Tobacco Institute
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